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Dioxin and furan signatures in northern Canadian soils: Correlation to source signatures using multivariate unmixing techniques
Abstract PCB and PCDD/F analysis carried out during assessments of abandoned military sites in the Canadian North allowed an opportunity to test the utility of multivariate statistical techniques inExpand
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Advances in large area CuInSe/sub 2/ thin film modules
Recent CuInSe/sub 2/ (CIS) thin-film module development emphasized process control and module durability. CIS submodules, 0.4 m/sup 2/ in size with aperture-area efficiencies of 9.7% and powerExpand
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The performance of CuInSe2 (CIS) cells and modules continues to advance. A 14.1%, 3.5 cm2 active area efficient ZnO/thin CdS/CIS cell and a 10.5 watt, 938 cm2 55-cell CIS module with a 11.2% apertureExpand
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Challenges and progress in the scale up of CuInSe2 thin film photovoltaic technology
The development of high‐efficiency, low‐cost thin film CuInSe2 (CIS) photovoltaic technology is progressing in laboratory research and engineering development efforts. In research laboratories,Expand
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Recent Advances in Single-Junction and Tandem Thin Film Modules Based On CuInSe2
Advances in the CuInSe2 (CIS) photovoltaic technology continue to increase large-area module efficiencies while demonstrating the application of low cost production-compatible processing techniques.Expand
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Recent CuInSe? (CIS) thin film module development emphasized process control and module durability. CIS submodules 0.4 m2 in size with aperture area efficiencies of 9.7% and power outputs of 37.8 WExpand
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Progress on high-efficiency thin film cells and submodules
Comparaison des performances d'un montage en tandem d'une couche mince de silicium hydrogene (face superieure) et d'une cellule a base de diseleniure d'indium cuivre (face inferieure) a celles deExpand
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Transient, Real-Time, Particulate Emission Measurements in Diesel Engines
This paper reports our efforts to develop an instrument, TG-1, to measure particulate emissions from diesel engines in real-time. TG-1 while based on laser-induced incandescence allows measurementsExpand
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41.5 watt, 10.5% Si:H/CuInSe/sub 2/ tandem thin film modules
Thin-film tandem modules using semitransparent Si:H alloy (TFS) and CuInSe/sub 2/ (CIS) component circuits show promise of achieving high photovoltaic performance using low-cost thin-film processing.Expand
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