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Power stabilization of a diode laser with an acousto-optic modulator.
Experimental investigations on the power stabilization of a diode laser with an acousto-optic modulator with slow variations in the frequency domain and time domain are reported.
First results of wavefront sensing on SOTA
For satellite to ground laser links, atmospheric turbulence is a major cause of impairments. The induced phase perturbations along the propagation path cause beam scintillation in the receiver plane
Phase Measurement of a Microwave Optical Modulation: Characterisation and Reduction of Amplitude-to-Phase Conversion in 1.5 μm High Bandwidth Photodiodes
High accuracy and low noise measurement of the phase of a microwave signal requires that spurious contributions are adequately dealt with. In this paper we investigate the power-to-phase coupling in
First free space optical communication in europe between SOTA and MeO optical ground station
A first free space optical communication campaign was established during June-October 2015 between the NICT SOTA [1], [2] (Small Optical TrAnsponder) instrument flying on the Low Earth Orbit
Overview of international experiment campaign with small optical transponder (SOTA)
NICT initiated R&D effort of Small Optical TrAnsponder (SOTA) for LEO satellites to demonstrate the laser communication via satellite-to-ground atmospheric path links. SOTA is the payload on a 50-kg
Telecom & scintillation first data analysis for DOMINO - laser communication between SOTA, onboard socrates satellite, and MEO OGS
In collaboration between CNES, NICT, Geoazur, the first successful lasercom link between the micro-satellite SOCRATES and a non-Japanese OGS has been established. This paper presents some results of
Comments and Corrections Comments on “Frequency Response of the Noise Conversion From Relative Intensity Noise to Phase Noise in the Photodetection of an Optical Pulse Train”
It is shown that the results presented in the above letter, and attributed by the authors to amplitude-to-phase conversion in the photodetector, do not originate in the photodetector under test, due
Recent Progress in Lunar Laser Ranging at Grasse Laser Ranging Station
Based on a fully passive space segment, the lunar laser ranging experiment is the last of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package to operate. Observations from the Grasse lunar laser ranging
Dual, feed-forward + feed-back laser frequency control for efficient and convenient diode laser line narrowing
Distributed feedback (DFB) diode lasers are convenient, small footprint and robust single mode laser sources. DFB lasers have an emission linewidth in the MHz to several MHz range, which may be too
Two-mode interference measurement for nanometer accuracy absolute ranging.
We demonstrate a laser ranging scheme that uses a high-frequency modulated beam to achieve subnanometer precision by the combined use of interferometric and time-of-flight measurements. We first