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Comparison of Diluted Bitumen (Dilbit) and Conventional Crude Oil Toxicity to Developing Zebrafish.
The results suggest that the toxicity of dilbit to a model fish is less than or similar to that of conventional crudes. Expand
17α-Alkynyl-11β,17-dihydroxyandrostane derivatives : A new class of potent glucocorticoids.
Abstract Replacement of the characteristic dihydroxyacetone side chain of corticolds by a 17α-alkynyl-17β-hydroxy moiety was investigated. It was found that, in particular, the 17α-propynylExpand
The pharmacological profile of a novel norpregnance progestin (trimegestone).
Results show trimegestone to have a favorable pharmacological profile with potent progestomimetic activity, and to be not associated with any unwanted pharmacological effects. Expand
History and perspectives of antiprogestins from the chemist's point of view.
The literature has been searched for available data on abortive activities, and some as yet unpublished results on RU compounds have been included and it appears that a number of compounds are both more active than RU486 on a dose basis in animal studies and more dissociated in relation to a possible antiglucocorticoid activity. Expand
Progesterone and RU486: opposing effects on human sperm.
The progesterone antagonist RU486 (mifepristone) induced an immediate and transient, dose-dependent decrease of intracellular free calcium and a drop in the values of sperm movement parameters related to hyperactivation, and RU486 counteracted the effects of progester one on calcium influx, lateral sperm head displacement, and the acrosome reaction. Expand
Non-steroidal antiandrogens: Synthesis and biological profile of high-affinity ligands for the androgen receptor
The results suggest that these new compounds may be useful as specific markers for the androgen receptor as well as for the treatment of androgen-dependent diseases or disorders such as prostate cancer, acne, hirsutism and male pattern baldness. Expand
17 alpha-alkynyl-11 beta, 17-dihydroxyandrostane derivatives : a new class of potent glucocorticoids.
Replacement of the characteristic dihydroxyacetone side chain of corticoids by a 17 alpha-alkynyl-17 beta-hydroxy moiety is found to be favorable for high local anti-inflammatory activity with reduced systemic effects and may be considered as pure glucocorticoids. Expand
Pharmacological Profile of RU 486 in Animals
RU 486 is an original multifaceted antihormone. It appears to be a potent progestin and glucocorticoid antagonist while exhibiting no agonistic effect, even at very high doses. Thus, according to theExpand
Pharmacokinetics of RU 486.
The pharmacokinetics of RU 486 have been studied in man, rats and cynomolgus monkeys, using a tritiated compound, which underwent a presystemic effect that reduced its bioavailability to 40% in man and rats and 15% in monkeys. Expand