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Zero Syntax: Experiencers and Cascades
The lexicon - preliminaries, zero syntax linking problems with experiencer predicates - linking, an unaccusative solution to the experiencer-object problem, verbal passivization, athematic subjects - other discussion, the relation between subject and object position U(T)AH and the zero morpheme CAUS, cascades - cascades from VP shells to cascades, cascade interactions among prepositions. Expand
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How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of Reading
This monograph discusses research, theory, and practice relevant to how children learn to read English. After an initial overview of writing systems, the discussion summarizes research fromExpand
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Cyclic Linearization of Syntactic Structure
This paper proposes an architecture for the mapping between syntax and phonology – in particular, that aspect of phonology that determines the linear ordering of words. Expand
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T-to-C Movement: Causes and Consequences
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Russian Case Morphology and the Syntactic Categories
In this book, David Pesetsky presents a careful investigation of one of the thorniest topics in Russian grammar, the morpho-syntax of noun phrases with numerals (including those traditionally called paucals). Expand
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Tense , Case , and the Nature of Syntactic Categories
Our results build on the proposals of Pesetsky and Torrego (2001, henceforth "P&T 2001"). In that paper we argued that several distinct syntactic phenomena result from interactions betweenExpand
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theory of wide-scope indefinites which is similar, though not identical, to that proposed by Kratzer (1998). I show that a subset of St’át’imcets indefinites takes obligatory wide scope with respectExpand
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How should reading be taught?
Most of us are a little fuzzy on how we learned to read, much as we cannot recall anything special about learning to talk. Although these skills are related, the ways we acquire them differExpand
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Cyclic Linearization and its interaction with other aspects of grammar: a reply
We propose to identify certain deviant configurations that are not plausibly excluded for syntax-internal reasons, but are filtered out in the linearization process. Expand
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