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The rare coagulation disorders – review with guidelines for management from the United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors' Organisation
Summary.  The rare coagulation disorders are heritable abnormalities of haemostasis that may present significant difficulties in diagnosis and management. This review summarizes the currentExpand
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A review of inherited platelet disorders with guidelines for their management on behalf of the UKHCDO
The inherited platelet disorders are an uncommon cause of symptomatic bleeding. They may be difficult to diagnose (and are likely to be under‐diagnosed) and pose problems in management. This reviewExpand
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Prevalence of antithrombin deficiency in the healthy population
. In a cohort of 9669 blood donors we have identified 16 cases of congenital AT deficiency (1 in 600) by way of family studies and AT gene analysis. Two donors had type I AT deficiency (prevalenceExpand
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Mechanism of action of interferon-tau in the uterus during early pregnancy.
Early pregnancy is maintained in ruminants through the actions of conceptus-derived interferon (IFN)-tau on the endometrium. IFN-tau alters uterine release of PGF2 alpha' which results in rescue ofExpand
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Distinguishing modes of cell death using the ImageStream® multispectral imaging flow cytometer
Here we demonstrate the ability of the ImageStream® 100 Multispectral Imaging Cytometer to discriminate between live, necrotic, and early and late apoptotic cells, using unique combinations ofExpand
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Cloning of interferon-stimulated gene 17: the promoter and nuclear proteins that regulate transcription.
A member of the interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) family encodes a 17-kDa ubiquitin homolog called ISG17 that is induced in the bovine uterine endometrium by interferon-tau (IFN-tau) during earlyExpand
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Factor X deficiency.
Factor X is one of the vitamin K-dependent serine proteases. It plays a crucial role in the coagulation cascade, as the first enzyme in the common pathway of thrombus formation. The gene for factor XExpand
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Point‐of‐care testing in haemostasis
Point‐of‐care testing (POCT) in haematology has seen a significant increase in both the spectrum of tests available and the number of tests performed annually. POCT is frequently undertaken with theExpand
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Sensitivity measurement and compensation in spectral imaging
The ImageStream system combines advances in CCD technologies with a novel optical architecture for high sensitivity and multispectral imaging of cells in flow. The sensitivity and dynamic range asExpand
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