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Low-noise erbium-doped fibre amplifier operating at 1.54μm
High gain amplification of up to 28 dB has been observed in a 3m-long erbium-doped fibre. The amplifier has a spectral bandwidth of greater than 300GHz in the region of 1.536µm and a measured
Electric current sensors employing spun highly birefringent optical fibers
The theory of highly elliptically birefringent fibers fabricated by spinning a linearly birefringent fiber during the draw is described. These fibers are particularly interesting for application as
Birefringence and polarization mode-dispersion in spun single-mode fibers.
It is shown that whereas a conventionally twisted fiber possesses considerable optical rotation, a fiber which has a permanent twist imparted by spinning the preform during fiber drawing exhibits almost no polarization anisotropy, making it possible to virtually eliminate the commonly observed fiber linear birefringence.
Ytterbium-doped large-core fiber laser with 1.36 kW continuous-wave output power.
A highly-efficient cladding-pumped ytterbium-doped fiber laser generating 1.36 kW of continuous-wave output power at 1.1 mum with 83% slope efficiency and near diffraction-limited beam quality is demonstrated.
Fabrication and characterization of low-loss optical fibers containing rare-earth ions
Low-loss fibers containing rare-earths have been produced with high absorption levels in the visible and near infrared regions. Although containing relatively large quantities of rare-earth impurity
Noise characteristics of high-power doped-fibre superluminescent sources
Measurement of the noise characteristics of a superluminescent erbium-doped silica fibre source shows a noise component in addition to shot noise, which prevents the SNR of the source output
Selfstarting passively mode-locked fibre ring soliton laser exploiting nonlinear polarisation rotation
Nonlinear birefringence effects in a fibre ring laser cavity have been exploited to produce selfstarting, passive mode-locking to give 1.5 ps soliton pulses.
Mode conversion coefficients in optical fibers.
A simple method has been devised for the experimental determination of mode conversion coefficients in multimode fibers and involves only the observation of the far-field output as the angle of
Noise characteristics of erbium-doped fiber amplifier pumped at 980 nm
A noise figure of 2.9+or-0.4 dB, measured in a high-gain erbium-doped fiber amplifier for input signals in the range -35 to -15 dBm and for pump powers of >5.8 mW, is discussed. The spontaneous
Stable single-frequency traveling-wave fiber loop laser with integral saturable-absorber-based tracking narrow-band filter.
We demonstrate stable single-frequency and polarization operation of a traveling-wave, Er(3+)-doped fiber loop laser by incorporating an unpumped Er(+3)-doped fiber section butted against a