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Global Biodiversity: Indicators of Recent Declines
Global Biodiversity Target Missed In 2002, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) committed to a significant reduction in the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010. There has been widespreadExpand
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Systematic distortions in world fisheries catch trends
Over 75% of the world marine fisheries catch (over 80 million tonnes per year) is sold on international markets, in contrast to other food commodities (such as rice). At present, only oneExpand
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The Mediterranean Sea under siege: spatial overlap between marine biodiversity, cumulative threats and marine reserves
Aim A large body of knowledge exists on individual anthropogenic threats that have an impact on marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea, although we know little about how these threatsExpand
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An index to assess the health and benefits of the global ocean
The ocean plays a critical role in supporting human well-being, from providing food, livelihoods and recreational opportunities to regulating the global climate. Sustainable management aimed atExpand
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Fishing down the deep
Global landings of demersal marine fishes are demonstrated to have shifted to deeper water species over the last 50 years. Our analysis suggests deep-water fish stocks may be at serious risk ofExpand
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Little Fish, Big Impact: Managing a Crucial Link in Ocean Food Webs
Cover photo illustration: shoal of forage fish (center), surrounded by (clockwise from top), humpback whale, Cape gannet, Steller sea lions, Atlantic puffins, sardines and black-legged kittiwake.
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The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
Few academic books about environmental issues have generated as much attention as Lomborg's "Skeptical Environmentalist". Lomborg is a statistics professor who describes himself as “an old leftwingExpand
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Integrating ecophysiology and plankton dynamics into projected maximum fisheries catch potential under climate change in the Northeast Atlantic
Previous global analyses projected shifts in species distributions and maximum fisheries catch potential across ocean basins by 2050 under the Special Report on Emission Scenarios (SRES) A1B.Expand
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