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On the interrelationships between natural mortality, growth parameters, and mean environmental temperature in 175 fish stocks
A compilation of values for the exponential coefficient of natural mortality (M) is given for 175 different stocks of fish distributed in 84 species, hath freshwater and marine, and ranging fromExpand
Fish population dynamics in tropical waters: A manual for use with programmable calculators
This manual discusses length-Weight Relationships, Parameter Estimation, and total mortality from the oldest animal in the catch and further inferences from length-converted catch curves. Expand
Towards sustainability in world fisheries
Zoning the oceans into unfished marine reserves and areas with limited levels of fishing effort would allow sustainable fisheries, based on resources embedded in functional, diverse ecosystems. Expand
Diet composition and trophic levels of marine mammals
Standardized diet compositions were derived for 97 species of marine mammals from published accounts of stomach contents as well as from morphological, behavioural and other information to derive trophic levels, which can be used for ecosystem modelling and related studies. Expand
A selection of simple methods for the assessment of tropical fish stocks.
Only methods that are inherently simple and applicable in the tropics are discussed in detail while more advanced concepts such as the distinction between different forms of overfishing, stock-recruitment relationships, mUltispecies interactions are introduced in the form of an essay. Expand
Anecdotes and the shifting baseline syndrome of fisheries.
  • D. Pauly
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Trends in ecology & evolution
  • 1 October 1995
F isheries have recently become a topic for media with global audiences-but then again, fisheries are a global disaster: one of the few that affect, in very similar fashion, developed countries withExpand
ECOPATH II − a software for balancing steady-state ecosystem models and calculating network characteristics
The use of ECOPATH II is exemplified through presentation of a model of the Schlei Fjord ecosystem (Western Baltic) through the use of routines for balancing the flow in a steady-state ecosystem from estimation of a missing parameter. Expand
Primary production required to sustain global fisheries
THE mean of reported annual world fisheries catches for 1988-1991 (94.3 million t) was split into 39 species groups, to which fractional trophic levels, ranging from 1.0 (edible algae) to 4.2Expand