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Hydrothermal gasification of Acutodesmus obliquus for renewable energy production and nutrient recycling of microalgal mass cultures
Hydrothermal gasification is a process which uses any biomass or carbon-containing source as substrate to generate biogas of regenerative energy production. We used microalgae as biomass source and
Biodiversity of soil cyanobacteria in the hyper‐arid Atacama Desert, Chile
The cyanobacterial diversity of soils of the Atacama Desert (Chile) was investigated using 16S rRNA gene cloning/sequencing directly from soil samples and unialgal cultures, revealing a high diversity of phylotypes, among which are likely both new genera and new species awaiting characterization and description.
Gasification of Microalgae Using Supercritical Water and the Potential of Effluent Recycling
The gasification of microalgae in supercritical water was investigated in this work. The product gas contained mainly H2, CO2, CH4, and C2H6. Operation at high temperatures and lower biomass
Biobased Resources and Value Chains
The characteristics of biomass, important technologies for the designing of these characteristics, and the use of data and biological knowledge are described.