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Recommended diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis: Guidelines from the international panel on the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
The revised criteria facilitate the diagnosis of MS in patients with a variety of presentations, including “monosymptomatic” disease suggestive of MS, disease with a typical relapsing‐remitting course, and disease with insidious progression, without clear attacks and remissions. Expand
New diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis: Guidelines for research protocols
Today there is a need for more exact criteria than existed earlier in order to conduct therapeutic trials in multicenter programs, to compare epidemiological surveys, to evaluate new diagnostic procedures, and to estimate the activity of the disease process in MS. Expand
In vivo measurement of T2 distributions and water contents in normal human brain
Using a 32‐echo imaging pulse sequence, T2 relaxation decay curves were acquired from five white‐ and six gray‐matter brain structures outlined in 12 normal volunteers. The water contents of whiteExpand
In vivo visualization of myelin water in brain by magnetic resonance
We exploit the intrinsic difference in magnetic resonance spin‐spin relaxation time, T2, between water associated with myelin sheaths and water in other central nervous system tissue in order toExpand
Interferon beta‐1b is effective in relapsing‐remitting multiple sclerosis
The MRI results demonstrate that IFNB has made a significant impact on the natural history of MS in these patients and support the clinical results in showing a significant reduction in disease activity as measured by numbers of active scans and appearance of new lesions. Expand
MRI in the diagnosis of MS
MRI was the best method for demonstrating dissemination in space and laboratory-supported definite MS (LSDMS) could be diagnosed in 85 patients of the total 200, and MRI predicted that diagnosis in 18/19 (95%). Expand
Myelin water imaging in multiple sclerosis: quantitative correlations with histopathology
The correlation ofMyelin water imaging, an MR measure of myelin content, with quantitative histopathologic measures of myelination density is determined and a strong correlation with myelin stain is found, validating MWF as a measure of the myelin density. Expand
Early onset multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal study
A RR course was seen in the majority of cases of early onset MS, and a high frequency of relapses, early age at permanent disability, and the presence of malignant cases raise the question of possible early use of disease-modifying therapy in patients withEarly onset MS. Expand
A Phase II study of the safety and efficacy of teriflunomide in multiple sclerosis with relapses
Oral teriflunomide was effective in reducing MRI lesions and was well tolerated in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis and resulted in trends toward a lower annualized relapse rate and fewer relapsesing patients vs placebo. Expand
Water content and myelin water fraction in multiple sclerosis
A simple model suggests that myelin loss is the dominant feature of NAWM pathology, which has a higher water content and lower myelin water fraction than control white matter in multiple sclerosis. Expand