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Some flagellates (Protista) from tropical marine sediments
An account is given of 114 new or otherwise interesting species of benthic marine flagellates from Fiji, Northern Australia (Queensland), Hawaii, Panama and Brazil. Most species are heterotrophsExpand
Broadly sampled multigene analyses yield a well-resolved eukaryotic tree of life.
An accurate reconstruction of the eukaryotic tree of life is essential to identify the innovations underlying the diversity of microbial and macroscopic (e.g., plants and animals) eukaryotes.Expand
The Diversity of Eukaryotes
  • D. Patterson
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The American Naturalist
  • 1 October 1999
The discipline of evolutionary protistology has emerged in the past 30 yr. There is as yet no agreed view of how protists are interrelated or how they should be classified. The foundations of aExpand
Evaluating Support for the Current Classification of Eukaryotic Diversity
Perspectives on the classification of eukaryotic diversity have changed rapidly in recent years, as the four eukaryotic groups within the five-kingdom classification—plants, animals, fungi, andExpand
Heterotrophic flagellates and other protists associated with oceanic detritus throughout the water column in the mid North Atlantic
Heterotrophic protists, mostly flagellates, encountered in association with marine detritus from various collections in the mid North Atlantic are described. About 40 species have been identified andExpand
Phylogenetic placement of diverse amoebae inferred from multigene analyses and assessment of clade stability within 'Amoebozoa' upon removal of varying rate classes of SSU-rDNA.
Placing amoeboid lineages on the eukaryotic tree of life is difficult due to the paucity of comparable morphological characters and the limited molecular data available for many groups. ThisExpand
Names are key to the big new biology.
Those who seek answers to big, broad questions about biology, especially questions emphasizing the organism (taxonomy, evolution and ecology), will soon benefit from an emerging names-basedExpand
Flagellates from stromatolites and surrounding sediments in Shark Bay, Western Australia
Hamelin Pool in Western Australia is home to distinctive shallow-water marine benthic communities dominated by stromatolitesstructures formed by bacterial assemblages. We have sought to establish ifExpand
Broadly sampled multigene trees of eukaryotes
BackgroundOur understanding of the eukaryotic tree of life and the tremendous diversity of microbial eukaryotes is in flux as additional genes and diverse taxa are sampled for molecular analyses.Expand
Percolomonas cosmopolitus (Ruinen) n.gen., a new type of filter feeding flagellate from marine plankton
The ecological significance of heterotrophic micro-flagellates in marine plankton has recently drawn considerable interest among biological oceanographers (Anderson & Fenchel, 1985; Haas & Webb,Expand