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Disaster preparedness: a social‐cognitive perspective
Despite considerable effort and expenditure on public hazard education, levels of disaster preparedness remain low. By integrating and expanding on natural hazards and health research on protectiveExpand
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Rivalry and the Industry Model of Scottish Knitwear Producers
The authors thank all of the managers who gave freely of their time in helping to complete this study. Ian Watson was particularly helpful. Thanks also go to Peter Grinyer of St. Andrews ManagementExpand
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Disasters and communities: vulnerability, resilience and preparedness
With regard to their utility in predicting the adoption of household hazard preparations, traditional approaches to public education directed at increasing awareness and/or risk perception haveExpand
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Risk perception and volcanic hazard mitigation: Individual and social perspectives
This paper discusses how people's interpretation of their experience of volcanic hazards and public volcanic hazard education programs influences their risk perception and whether or not they adoptExpand
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Risk interpretation and action: A conceptual framework for responses to natural hazards
Understanding how people interpret risks and choose actions based on their interpretations is vital to any strategy for disaster reduction. We review relevant literature with the aim of developing aExpand
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Risk communication and natural hazard mitigation: how trust influences its effectiveness
In areas prone to natural hazards, a key goal of risk management is mitigating risk by encouraging people to adopt protective measures. Despite the efforts of civic emergency management agencies, theExpand
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Impacts of the 1945 and 1995–1996 Ruapehu eruptions, New Zealand: An example of increasing societal vulnerability
Over the past 50 yr the risk to society from volcanic eruptions has increased sharply due to an increased population, more developed and diversified economies, and a more technologically advancedExpand
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Disaster Resilience: An Integrated Approach
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Developing effective warning systems : Ongoing research at Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand
Abstract Purpose This paper examines the unique challenges to volcanic risk management associated with having a ski area on an active volcano. Using a series of simulated eruption/lahar events atExpand
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