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The adolescent and substance abuse: current concepts.
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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder across the lifespan: the child, adolescent, and adult.
Management of a child, adolescent, college student, or adult with ADD/ADHD (ADHD) is reviewed with emphasis on pharmacologic approaches in the adult. Psychological treatment includes psychotherapy,Expand
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Behavioral aspects of chronic illness in children and adolescents.
Despite the detail that is provided on the potential negative outcomes of children and families who have chronic illnesses, most of these families show admirable resilience. Most children adjust toExpand
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Principles of pharmacology.
An understanding of the basic principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs is important in appropriate therapeutic use of various drugs. In simple terms, the effects of the body onExpand
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Vitamin D, muscle function, and exercise performance.
Vitamin D has an important role in skeletal muscles. Previously recognized for its effects on bone, it is now known that vitamin D has a much wider spectrum of usefulness for muscle. Studies indicateExpand
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The female athlete. Before and beyond puberty.
As the twentieth century progressed, the female athlete became an accepted participant of sports at all levels. This article reviews various aspects of female sports participation. After anExpand
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Contraception in the adolescent: an update.
Contraception remains an important part of national efforts to reduce adolescent pregnancy in the United States. A number of safe and effective contraceptive methods are available for our youth,Expand
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Management of Sport-Related Concussion in Young Athletes
AbstractSport-related head injuries are a common clinical problem. Most head injuries in young athletes are mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions. The highest number of sport-relatedExpand
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Exertional Rhabdomyolysis and Acute Kidney Injury
Abstract Skeletal muscle breakdown occurs normally with exercise, followed by muscle repair and physiologic adaption. Strenuous, unaccustomed, prolonged, and repetitive exercise, particularly whenExpand
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Epidemiology of autism spectrum disorders.
Epidemiologic data gathered over the last 40 years report that the conservative estimate of autistic spectrum disorder prevalence is 27.5 per 10,000 individuals; however, the prevalence estimateExpand
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