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PRISM 4.0: Verification of Probabilistic Real-Time Systems
This paper describes a major new release of the PRISMprobabilistic model checker, adding, in particular, quantitative verification of (priced) probabilistic timed automata, a natural model for such systems. Expand
PRISM: A Tool for Automatic Verification of Probabilistic Systems
PRISM is a probabilistic model checking tool which has already been successfully deployed in a wide range of application domains, from real-time communication protocols to biological signalling pathways. Expand
Stochastic Model Checking
This tutorial presents an overview of model checking for both discrete and continuous-time Markov chains (DTMCs and CTMCs) against specifications written in probabilistic extensions of temporal logic, including quantitative properties with rewards. Expand
PRISM: Probabilistic Symbolic Model Checker
In this paper we describe PRISM, a tool being developed at the University of Birmingham for the analysis of probabilistic systems. Expand
Probabilistic symbolic model checking with PRISM: a hybrid approach
We present a novel hybrid technique which combines aspects of symbolic and explicit approaches to overcome these performance problems. Expand
PRISM 2.0: a tool for probabilistic model checking
This paper gives a brief overview of version 2.0 of PRISM, a tool for the automatic formal verification of probabilistic systems, and some of the case studies to which it has been applied. Expand
PRISM: probabilistic model checking for performance and reliability analysis
An overview of the probabilistic model checking tool PRISM, focusing in particular on its support for continuous-time Markov chains and Markov reward models, and how these can be used to analyse performability properties. Expand
Automated Verification Techniques for Probabilistic Systems
This tutorial provides an introduction to probabilistic model checking for Markov decision processes, a commonly used formalism for modelling systems that exhibit both stochastic and nondeterministic behaviour. Expand
Performance Analysis of Probabilistic Timed Automata Using Digital Clocks
We extend previous results concerning the integer-time semantics of an important subclass of probabilistic timed automata to consider the computation of expected costs or rewards. Expand
Mathematical techniques for analyzing concurrent and probabilistic systems
On streams and coinduction: Preface Acknowledgments Streams and coinduction Stream calculus Analytical differential equations Coinductive counting Component connectors Key differential equationsExpand