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Dependence of the Yield of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Chinese Hamster V79-4 Cells on the Photon Energy of Ultrasoft X Rays
Abstract de Lara, C. M., Hill, M. A., Jenner, T. J., Papworth, D. and O'Neill, P. Dependence of the Yield of DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Chinese Hamster V79-4 Cells on the Photon Energy of UltrasoftExpand
A cis-acting control region is required exclusively for the tissue-specific imprinting of Gnas
Genomic imprinting brings about allele-specific silencing according to parental origin. Silencing is controlled by cis-acting regulatory regions that are differentially marked during gametogenesisExpand
Chromosomal instability in the descendants of unirradiated surviving cells after alpha-particle irradiation.
We have demonstrated chromosomal instability in the clonal descendants of hemopoietic stem cells after irradiating murine bone marrow with alpha-particles. However, because cells that are irradiatedExpand
The dose-response for x-ray induction of myeloid leukaemia in male CBA/H mice.
The form of the dose-response for induction of malignant diseases in vivo by ionizing radiation is not yet established in spite of its scientific interest and its practical importance. ConsiderablyExpand
X-ray-induced simple, pseudosimple and complex exchanges involving two distinctly painted chromosomes.
PURPOSE To detect simple, pseudosimple and complex chromosome exchanges in X-ray-induced aberrations involving two distinctly painted chromosomes. Each visibly complex two-paint exchange was analysedExpand
Controlling elements in the mouse. V. Linkage tests with X-linked genes.
Previous studies have shown that the mouse X chromosomal locus, Xce , which causes non-random X chromosome inactivation, is closely linked to the Is( X ; 7)Ct X -autosome translocation. This hasExpand
Increased complexity of radiation-induced chromosome aberrations consistent with a mechanism of sequential formation
Complex chromosome aberrations (any exchange involving three or more breaks in two or more chromosomes) are effectively induced in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) after exposure to low dosesExpand
Time of initiation and site of action of the mouse chromosome 11 imprinting effects.
Previous studies have shown that mice with paternal disomy for chromosome 11 are consistently larger at birth than their normal sibs, whereas mice with the maternal disomy are consistently smaller.Expand
Investigation of lung tumour induction in BALB/cJ mice following paternal X-irradiation.
Evidence of an enhanced incidence of lung tumours (benign adenomas and adenocarcinomas) was sought in the BALB/cJ mouse following paternal germ cell X-irradiation. In a series of replicate studiesExpand