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Eight new Leptographium species associated with tree-infesting bark beetles in China
Leptographium spp. are anamorphs of Grosmannia residing in the order Ophiostomatales. These fungi are typically associated with bark-beetles and are common causal agents of sapstain in lumber andExpand
Characterisation of synnematous bark beetle-associated fungi from China, including Graphium carbonarium sp. nov.
Ophiostomatoid fungi on trees are typically bark beetle associates that cause sapstain in timber and some are pathogens. Very little is known regarding the ophiostomatoid fungi associated with barkExpand
Barcoding and microcoding using “identiprimers” with Leptographium species
Leptographium species provide an ideal model to test the applications of a PCR microcoding system for differentiating species of other genera of ascomycetes. Leptographium species are closely relatedExpand