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Modulation of long-term memory for object recognition via HDAC inhibition
Histone acetylation is a chromatin modification critically involved in gene regulation during many neural processes. The enzymes that regulate levels of histone acetylation are histoneExpand
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Membrane-Associated Glucocorticoid Activity Is Necessary for Modulation of Long-Term Memory via Chromatin Modification
Glucocorticoid hormones enhance the consolidation of long-term memory of emotionally arousing training experiences. This memory enhancement requires activation of the cAMP-dependent kinase pathwayExpand
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HDAC inhibition modulates hippocampus-dependent long-term memory for object location in a CBP-dependent manner.
Transcription of genes required for long-term memory not only involves transcription factors, but also enzymatic protein complexes that modify chromatin structure. Chromatin-modifying enzymes, suchExpand
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Treadmill exercise delays the onset of non-motor behaviors and striatal pathology in the CAG140 knock-in mouse model of Huntington's disease
Depression, cognitive impairments, and other neuropsychiatric disturbances are common during the prodromal phase of Huntington's disease (HD) well before the onset of classical motor symptoms of thisExpand
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