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Relaxation kinetics of DNA–ligand binding including direct transfer
The relaxation kinetics of binding of ethidium to calf‐thymus DNA as studied previously by the temperature‐jump method with absorption detection [Bresloff, J. & Crothers, D. M. (1975) J. Mol. Biol.Expand
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Interionic forces in crystals—II. Infrared spectra of SO4 groups and “octahedrally” coordinated water in some alums, Tutton salts, and the double salts obtained by dehydrating them
Abstract Infrared spectra of 22 alums (including α, β and γ types) show simple v 3 and v 4 sulfate vibrational peaks indicating essentially T d symmetry, plus numerous peaks due to water coordinatedExpand
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Einstein and the humanities
Albert Einstein as a Human Being Ethics and Epistemology Religion Metaphysics History and Philosophy of Science Literature Politics Education and Psychology Index Program of Conference Index
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Landholding, Opportunity, and Mobility in Revolutionary New Jersey
A MID the current surge of scholarly interest in the social history of early America the question of the dimensions of socioeconomic change during the American Revolutionary era remains to beExpand
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The Fighting Irish of Toronto: Sport and Irish Catholic Identity at St Michael's College, 1906–1916
The Protestant-controlled social, political and economic community in Toronto, Canada represented a formidable challenge for Irish Catholic immigrants. Eventually leaving Nationalist roots behind, byExpand
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Old MacDonald Named a Compound: Branched Enynenynols
An imaginary teacher of organic chemistry thinks up some whimsicalcompounds for his students to name using IUPAC nomenclature rules.
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