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A novel approach of test case generation for concurrent systems using UML Sequence Diagram
Testing concurrency is difficult yet important. Because of arbitrary interference of concurrent objects, test case explosion becomes a major problem in testing concurrent systems. Synchronization andExpand
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Test Case Generation Based on State and Activity Models
            Expand
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Automatic Test Data Generation for Data Flow Testing Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Automatic test case generation is a major problem in software testing. Evolutionary structural testing is an approach to automatically generate test cases that uses a Genetic Algorithm (GA) which isExpand
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Dynamic slicing of distributed object-oriented programs
Program slicing is a decomposition technique that deals with extracting those statements relevant to a particular computation. The authors propose a novel algorithm for computing dynamic slice ofExpand
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Distributed dynamic slicing of Java programs
We propose a novel dynamic slicing technique for distributed Java programs. We first construct the intermediate representation of a distributed Java program in the form of a set of DistributedExpand
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Modular approach to application software development has become significantly popular among the enterprises. However, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based applications represent the majority ofExpand
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Case Generation Based on Use case and Sequence Diagram Test Case Generation Based on Use case and Sequence Diagram
We present a comprehensive test case generation technique from UML models. We use the features in UML 2.0 sequence diagram including conditions, iterations, asynchronous messages and concurrentExpand
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An Overview of Slicing Techniques for Object-Oriented Programs
This paper surveys the existing slicing techniques for object-oriented programs. Many commercial objectoriented programs are concurrent in nature. Concurrency is typically implemented in the form ofExpand
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A novel approach for test case generation from UML activity diagram
Software testing approaches are mainly divided into three types i.e. code based testing, specification based testing and model based testing. In model based testing, the testing can be started fromExpand
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A Novel Approach for Scenario-Based Test Case Generation
Testing of software is a time-consuming activity which requires a great deal of planning and resources. Model-based testing is gaining importance as a research issue. In scenario-based testing, testExpand
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