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Complexation of clofazimine by macrocyclic cucurbit[7]uril reduced its cardiotoxicity without affecting the antimycobacterial efficacy.
Cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) has recently attracted increasing attention in pharmaceutical sciences due to its great potential in improving the physicochemical properties and bioactivity of drugExpand
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Genotype-guided dose adjustment for the use of efavirenz in HIV treatment.
In this journal, Pineda and colleagues reported the high tolerance of efavirenz (EFV) in HCV/HIV co-infected patients. For more than one decade, EFV has continued to be one commonly prescribedExpand
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Supramolecular strategy for reducing the cardiotoxicity of bedaquiline without compromising its antimycobacterial efficacy.
Bedaquiline (BDQ) is a newly approved anti-tuberculosis drug in treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. However, it has very poor aqueous solubility and several case reports have proposed that BDQExpand
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Failure of pre-exposure prophylaxis with daily TDF/FTC and the scenario of delayed HIV seroconversion.
Failure of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine occurs uncommonly despite perfect adherence, resulting in breakthrough HIV infection. DelayedExpand
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Incorporation of information diffusion model for enhancing analyses in HIV molecular surveillance
ABSTRACT Molecular surveillance of infections is essential in monitoring their transmission in the population. In this study, newly diagnosed HIV patients' phylogenetic, clinical and behavioural dataExpand
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Association of immune recovery with hyperlipidaemia and apolipoprotein gene polymorphisms following highly active antiretroviral therapy in a cohort of Chinese HIV patients
Objective To examine the associations between CD4 recovery, dyslipidaemia and apolipoprotein (APO) gene single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) following highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).Expand
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Role of oxidative stress in clofazimine-induced cardiac dysfunction in a zebrafish model.
BACKGROUND Clofazimine (CFZ), a riminophenazine, is now commonly used in the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. However, its use may be potentially associated with cardiac dysfunction inExpand
Review on the molecular epidemiology of sexually acquired hepatitis C virus infection in the Asia‐Pacific region
Sexual acquisition has emerged as a transmission route for hepatitis C virus (HCV) of growing importance among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)‐positive populations. In Western countries, HCVExpand