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Effects of early administration of dexamethasone, N-acetylcysteine and aprotinin on inflammatory and oxidant-antioxidant status after lung contusion in rats.
INTRODUCTION This experimental setting was undertaken to elucidate and confirm the role of inflammatory and oxidant-antioxidant mechanisms on blunt injury induced moderate pulmonary contusion (PC).Expand
Echocardiographic and morphologic examination of left ventricular false tendons in human and animal hearts
False tendons are thin, fibrous or fibromuscular structures that traverse the cavity of the left ventricle with no connection to the valvular cusps; they may be single or multiple. We retrospectivelyExpand
Intraperitoneal Alpha-Lipoic Acid to prevent neural damage after crush injury to the rat sciatic nerve
Objective Crush injury to the sciatic nerve causes oxidative stress. Alfa Lipoic acid (a-LA) is a neuroprotective metabolic antioxidant. This study was designed to investigate the antioxidant effectsExpand
The investigation of perivasculary space under the myocardial bridge in different species
Our purpose in this study was to investigate the perivasculary space under the myocardial bridges (MB) in dog, sheep, goat and human hearts. A total of 160 hearts were studied, and perivascularyExpand
The effect of posterior bridging of C-1 on craniovertebral junction surgery.
OBJECT The groove for the vertebral artery (VA) may be bridged on C-1, forming a canal through which the artery passes. Because this variant may significantly affect the commonly performed C-1Expand
Morphometrical Features of the Human Malleolar Groove
Background: Our aim was to investigate the morphometric features of malleolar groove of the lateral malleolus in humans. Methods: This study was performed on the malleolar grooves of 93 (80 dry andExpand
Comparative Effects of Ovariectomy and Flutamid on Body-Uterus Weight and Uterine Histology in the Ovariectomized Rat Model +
Objective: To determine the effect of flutamide on uterine histology and to ascertain whether flutamide regulates body weight gain in the ovariectomized rat model. Materials and Methods: We used 36Expand
Anthropometric Study of Patients Treated for Clubfoot
The anthropometric characteristics of patients treated for clubfoot were used to investigate whether the dimensions of the foot were affected by the method of treatment. A total of 68 patientsExpand
Objectives : The aim of this study was to reveal the normal morphometric values of Achilles tendon using ultrasound (US) imaging in subjects of different gender, age groups, smoking status, andExpand
Influence of ovariectomy and flutamide treatment on vaginal tissue and body weight.
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of flutamide on vaginal histology, and to ascertain whether flutamide regulates body weight gain in the ovariectomized rat model. METHODS We chose 36 sexuallyExpand