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Falun Gong and the Future of China
1. Introduction: Qigong, Falun Gong, and the Crisis of the Post-Mao State 2. A History for Falun Gong 3. The Creation and Evolution of Qigong 4. The Life and Times of Li Hongshi in China, 1952-1995Expand
Brotherhoods and Secret Societies in Early and Mid-Qing China: The Formation of a Tradition
A note on conventions Introduction: Chinese brotherhoods and secret societies through the opium war 1. Brotherhood associations in Southeast China through the Lin Shuangwen rebellion 2. BrotherhoodExpand
A History for Falun Gong: Popular Religion and the Chinese State Since the Ming Dynasty
This article seeks to place Falun Gong - and the larger qigong movement from which it emerged - into the long-term context of the history of Chinese popular religion from the midMing (1368-1644) toExpand
The Falun Gong
Disorder Under Heaven: Collective Violence in the Ming Dynasty
A monumental study of collective violence in the premodern world, this book analyzes all instances of rebellion and banditry recorded in 1,097 countries in China during the 277 years of the MingExpand
Falungong and Canada's China Policy
ZHANG KUNLUN, A FORMER MCGILL UNIVERSITY visiting professor who holds both Canadian and Chinese passports, returned to China on his Chinese passport in 1996 to take care of his ailing mother-in-law.Expand
Sect and Secularism in Reading the Modern . Chinese Religious Experience
Cet article examine l’historiographie occidentale des mouvements « sectaires » chinois et montre comment les chercheurs ont repris a leur compte les constructions de l’Etat imperial d’une traditionExpand