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Best friends forever?: High school best friendships and the transition to college
The transition from high school to college is an important phase for adolescents in social as well as academic aspects. This study examined the changes that occur in high school best friendshipsExpand
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Understanding Anti‐Arab Reactions Post‐9/11: The Role of Threats, Social Categories, and Personal Ideologies1
This study examined social psychological processes associated with anti-Arab reactions (prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination) following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Participants (N= 201)Expand
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Friendship Maintenance: An Analysis of Individual and Dyad Behaviors
Abstract In three studies, friendship maintenance behaviors were investigated. In the first study, a psychometrically valid measure of friendship maintenance behaviors was developed via exploratoryExpand
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How Ambivalent Sexism Toward Women and Men Support Rape Myth Acceptance
The goal of this study was to determine how ambivalent sexism toward women and men are both associated with rape myth acceptance. The Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance scale, Ambivalent Sexism Inventory,Expand
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Strategies and Dispositional Correlates of Sexual Coercion Perpetrated by Women: An Exploratory Investigation
This research tests whether theoretical constructs typically associated with male perpetrators of sexual coercion are predictive of women who perpetrate sexual coercion. We administered aExpand
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Understanding how people process health information: a comparison of tailored and nontailored weight-loss materials.
Health information tailored to meet individuals' unique needs has been shown to be more effective than generic information in promoting risk-reducing behavior changes. To explore mechanismsExpand
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Male Rape Myths
This study investigates the structure of Struckman-Johnson and Struckman-Johnson's Male Rape Myth Scale, examines gender differences in rape myth acceptance, and explores the underlying ideologiesExpand
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Gender Stereotypes and Women's Reports of Liking and Ability in Traditionally Masculine and Feminine Occupations
Gender stereotypes were examined for their causal influence on women's reported liking for and perceived ability to succeed in traditionally masculine and feminine occupations. One hundred twenty-oneExpand
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Are tailored health education materials always more effective than non-tailored materials?
While promising, the evidence in support of tailored health communication has not been overwhelming. One explanation is that tailored materials may be far superior to non-tailored materials in someExpand
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Shyness and online social networking services
Online social networking services are Internet websites that allow individuals to learn about and communicate with others. This study investigated the association between use of these websites andExpand
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