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Portraits of old Russia : imagined lives of ordinary people, 1300-1725
This book introduces readers to a little-known place and time in world history - early modern Russia, from its beginnings as Muscovy, in the fourteenth century, through the reign of Peter IExpand
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Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empire, and: The Mongols and the West, 1221–1410, and: Daily Life in the Mongol Empire, and: The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of
Although the history of what David Christian has called “Inner Eurasia” may seem less than relevant to many who study Russia, being aware of steppe history and culture is of potential importance forExpand
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The Moscow Councils of 1447 to 1589 and the Conciliar Period in Russian Orthodox Church History
The years 1447 to 1589 were notable for church councils in the Russian Orthodox Church. To the extent they were significant, one can justifiably refer to this time as the conciliar period in theExpand
Methodological Traps, Pitfalls, and Fallacies in the Study of Intellectual Silence
This article is a response to four responses to my book Europe, Byzantium, and the “Intellectual Silence” of Rus’. That book in turn responded to the question posed by Francis Thompson, “Where wasExpand
6. Who Wrote Shakespeare