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Locally produced fish feed: potentials for aquaculture development in subsaharan Africa
Critically the potentials of locally manufactured fish feed in enhancing, improving and sustaining aquaculture development in Africa are reviewed.
Economic benefit and ecological efficiency of integrated fish farming in Nigeria
The population of people living in Nigeria has risen tremendously in recent years with its corresponding increase in demand for food.  Thus, there is the need for a suitable agricultural system to
Brackish water aquaculture: a veritable tool for the empowerment OF Niger Delta communities
Brackish water aquaculture as a profitable alternative venture is a veritable tool that can provide food and jobs for teeming youth and women in addition to freshwater fish and crop farming and if carefully assessed and implemented could go a long way in reducing the tension in the region, thereby making it governable and enhancing economic activities which are gradually grinding to a halt as a result of youth restiveness.
The role of dietary phytase in formulation of least cost and less polluting fish feed for sustainable aquaculture development in Nigeria
The role of dietary phytase in the formulation of fish feed using plant based protein sources which is cost effective, and reduces the incidence of aquatic pollution by making the nutrients and minerals in the feed more available to fish are thoroughly discussed in this paper.
Effect of garlic rhizome (Allium sativum) powder supplemented diets on the haematology and serum biochemistry of broiler chickens at starter and finisher phases
Results showed that the effect of feeding graded levels of garlic rhizome powder on the haematological and serum parameters were significant (P<0.05) and 1.5% inclusion of garlic should be added to broiler feed to enhance production of broiler lean meat with lowest cholesterol.
Evaluation of local duck production systems in Imo and Abia States of Nigeria
A study was conducted to evaluate local duck production systems in Imo and Abia States of Nigeria. Seventy-two (72) local duck farmers from both States were purposefully selected using snowball
Prediction of body weight with morphometric traits in some broiler chicken strains
The shank length of Abor Acres strain was the best linear body parameter with 100% accuracy of prediction, and may be useful criterion in estimation of growth and prediction of body weight.
Influence of ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) on histology, blood profile and internal organ characteristics of broilers
The histopathology of the internal organs showed that addition of ginger root meal above 1.5% in poultry diets could be detrimental to some internal organs.
Response of finisher broiler birds fed graded levels of yam peel meal as an energy source in maize-based diet
Birds on YPM based diets recorded similar growth performance with the control suggesting that YPM had positive effect on the experimental birds, while results obtained showed no treatment effect in growth performance.