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Investigating the potential of functionalized MCM-41 on adsorption of Remazol Red dye
The modification of MCM-41 was performed with 3-aminopropropyltrimethoxysilane. The structural order and textural properties of the synthesized materials were studied by X-ray diffraction, FourierExpand
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Recent progresses in the adsorption of organic, inorganic, and gas compounds by MCM-41-based mesoporous materials
Abstract Adsorbent mesoporous materials are highly efficient for the remediation of different compounds in environmental applications such as organic, inorganic, and gas molecules. These compoundsExpand
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Applications of inorganic–organic mesoporous materials constructed by self-assembly processes for removal of benzo[k]fluoranthene and benzo[b]fluoranthene
The mesoporous materials MCM-41 and the functionalized inorganic–organic material p-aminobenzoic acid-MCM-41 (PABA-MCM-41) were used as adsorbents to remove the PAHs benzo[k]fluoranthene andExpand
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Dual emission tunable in the near-infrared (NIR) and visible (VIS) spectral range by mix-LnMOF.
In this study, we describe the synthetic approach, crystallographic structure, luminescent behavior and elucidation of the channels of the energy conversion in heteronuclear coordination polymersExpand
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A new functionalized MCM-41 mesoporous material for use in environmental applications
Este trabalho descreve a sintese e caracterizacao de um novo adsorvente mesoporoso que consiste o MCM-41 funcionalizado com o acido p-aminobenzoico modificado (PABA-Si). A sintese foi realizada peloExpand
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Formação de Professores em publicações da Revista Química Nova na Escola na última década
The pedagogical practice can be understood in different ways between the various teachers. The development / publishing research is a way to present important and unique information as well as a wayExpand
Química: aos “olhos” de estudantes do Ensino Médio
This paper aims to present the ideas brought to the classroom, the students of Basic Education - High School 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, about chemistry. Students were asked by the teacher of that classExpand
Durabilidade de pastas de cimento contendo a rede polimérica Epoxy-Etilenodiamina : avaliações em ambientes aquosos quimicamente agressivos
Pastas de cimento sao utilizadas em pocos de petroleo para isolar a zona de producao da formacao rochosa. Uma propriedade importante desses materiais e sua durabilidade. Devido suas interacoes comExpand
Avaliação da versatilidade do MCM-41 funcionalizado
Neste trabalho, o material mesoporoso MCM-41 foi funcionalizado com 3-aminopropilmetoxisilano (APTS) para diversas finalidades como, adsorcao do corante vermelho de remazol, imobilizacao de ionsExpand
Estudo de Isomeria por meio de modelos didáticos construídos pelos estudantes
Este trabalho tem por objetivo apresentar uma maneira alternativa de abordar os conceitos de Isomeria no contexto da escola publica. A referida pesquisa