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Global biogeographic sampling of bacterial secondary metabolism
Recent bacterial (meta)genome sequencing efforts suggest the existence of an enormous untapped reservoir of natural-product-encoding biosynthetic gene clusters in the environment. Here we use the
Biological activities from extracts of endophytic fungi isolated from Viguiera arenaria and Tithonia diversifolia.
A total of 39 endophytic fungi have been isolated from Viguiera arenaria and Tithonia diversifolia, both collected in São Paulo State, Brazil, and nectriapyrone showed relevant cytotoxic activity against both human T leukemia and melanoma tumor cell lines.
Azaphilones from the endophyte Chaetomium globosum.
The structure elucidation and the assignment of the relative configurations of the new natural products were based on detailed NMR and MS spectroscopic analyses and the antibiotic activity of the compounds was evaluated using an in vivo Caenorhabditis elegans infection model.
A simple method for the quantitative analysis of tyrosol by HPLC in liquid Czapek cultures from endophytic fungi.
®ODS (250 × 4,6 mm, 5 µm) a 25 °C foi utilizada. Extracao liquido-liquido de 0,5 mL do meio (pH 7,0) com acetato de etila e injecao de 20 µL apos concentracao do solvente sob ar comprimido originou
Phytochemical Study of Tapirira guianensis Leaves Guided by Vasodilatory and Antioxidant Activities
The results show that MET-induced vasodilation was dependent on NO/cGMP; and that the PI3K/Akt pathway seems to be the main route involved in eNOS activation.
Apoptosis Caused by Triterpenes and Phytosterols and Antioxidant Activity of an Enriched Flavonoid Extract from Passiflora mucronata.
P. mucronata hexane fraction showed promising cytotoxic effect against cancer cell lines, and stigmasterol contributes to this activity, inducing apoptosis of these cells.