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What Is News? Galtung and Ruge revisited
This study aims to shed light on the news selection process by examining the news values currently operational in British newspapers. The study takes as its starting point Galtung and Ruge's widelyExpand
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News Values and Selectivity
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What is News?
The deceptively simple question “What is news?” remains pertinent even as we ponder the future of journalism in the digital age. This article examines news values within mainstream journalism andExpand
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The Contract State
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Women reporting sport: Still a man’s game?
While it is generally known that sports journalism is an area of gender disparity, no major academic study has established the proportion of women sports writers in the UK press. Although femaleExpand
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Negotiating Tensions in Developing Organizational Policy Capacity: Comparative Lessons to be Drawn
Abstract This article explores how organizational policy capacity can be developed, drawing on a study conducted in a large human services agency in Australia. Building policy capacity withinExpand
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Women politicians in the UK press: not seen and not heard?
Abstract This article asks questions about the ways in which female politicians are depicted in press coverage. Previous research has explored the ways in which female politicians are constructed asExpand
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No cause for celebration: the rise of celebrity news values in the British quality press
In their study of news values in in the British press Harcup and O’Neill (2001) noted that celebrity was one of the redefinitions of the ‘taxonomy of news values for the twenty-first century’. At theExpand
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Public Management Reform: Some Lessons from the Antipodes
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