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Acid-base properties of α-ribazole and the thermodynamics of dimethylbenzimidazole association in alkylcobalamins
Preparation de l'α-ribazole et caracterisation par analyse elementaire RMN de H 1 et C 13 , spectre UV-visible, valeurs du pKa. Preparation de 7 alkylcobalamines et determination de leurs pKa a laExpand
Donor-acceptor strengths in substituted pyridine complexes of trifluoroborane and tribromoborane
Abstract Molecular complexes of some 3- and 4-substituted pyridines with trifluoro- and tribromoborane have been synthesized and characterized. Infrared and proton magnetic resonance spectra areExpand
Effect of Thyromimetic Agents on Oxygen Uptake of Rat Heart and Liver.∗
Thyroxamine failed to increase total body oxygen consumption or Qo2 of liver; however, theQo2 value of the heart was significantly increased and the heart did not respond to a greater degree than the liver. Expand