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The Usability of Open Source Software
Open source communities have successfully developed a great deal of software although most computer users only use proprietary applications. The usability of open source software is often regarded asExpand
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Usability processes in open source projects
We explore how some open source projects address issues of usability. We describe the mechanisms, techniques and technology used by open source communities to design and refine the interfaces toExpand
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Browsing is a collaborative process
Interfaces to databases have traditionally been designed as single-user systems that hide other users and their activity. This paper aims to show that collaboration is an important aspect ofExpand
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Exploring Usability Discussions in Open Source Development
The public nature of discussion in open source projects provides a valuable resource for understanding the mechanisms of open source software development. In this paper we explore how open sourceExpand
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A knowledge-based search engine powered by wikipedia
This paper describes Koru, a new search interface that offers effective domain-independent knowledge-based information retrieval. Koru exhibits an understanding of the topics of both queries andExpand
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Ethnomethodologically Informed Ethnography and Information System Design.
This paper describes ethnomethodologically informed ethnography (EM) as a methodology for information science research, illustrating the approach with the results of a study in a university library.Expand
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How people find videos
At present very little is known about how people locate and view videos 'in the wild'. This study draws a rich picture of everyday video seeking strategies and video information needs, based on anExpand
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The diagnosis of emphysema. A computed tomographic-pathologic correlation.
To assess the accuracy of computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of emphysema, we performed CT on 32 patients prior to surgery for removal of suspected tumors. The CT scans were assessed visuallyExpand
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Issues in designing learning by teaching systems
Learning by teaching systems are a relatively recent approach to designing Intelligent Learning Environments that place learners in the role of tutors. These systems are based on the practice of peerExpand
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Implicit Rating and Filtering
Social filtering systems that use explicit ratings require a large number of ratings to remain viable. The effort involved for a user to rate a document may outweigh any benefit received, leading toExpand
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