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From Dessalines to Duvalier: Race, Colour and National Independence in Haiti
"Rich in subject matter and eminently readable, this book is also a fine work of scholarship. The more than 1,200 footnotes are models of clarity and relevance; the bibliography and index seemExpand
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Nurses' attitudes about floating.
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Transethnicism and the American Experimental Tradition
We live in multicultural times. Whether we are listening to the Kronos Quartet or reviewing the activities of the Institute for Studies in American Music, it is clear that what used to be cozilyExpand
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God and government in an "age of reason"
Preface 1.Introduction 2.God and the Market 3.Unitarian Radicals and Orthodox Anglicans 4.Constitutional Government and Revolutionary Politics 5.Divine Constitutionalism and Political Order 6.Deists,Expand
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Narrative Theory as an Analytical Tool in the Study of Popular Music Texts
Narrative theory and popular music are not the most obvious of bed fellows: the former lends itself primarily to the elaboration (or analysis) of extended narrative structures, while the latter tendsExpand
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Making history students enterprising: ‘Independent study˚s at Manchester polytechnic
ABSTRACT ‘Independent Study in History˚s is an optional unit developed at Manchester Polytechnic (United Kingdom) as part of recent course reviews, and its shape and content has been influenced byExpand
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Ideology and Political Protest in Haiti, 1930-46
This article will examine some movements of protest in Haiti during the period 1930-46, with particular reference to the role which ideology1 played in the life of these movements. Three suchExpand
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Images of God and the State: Political Analogy and Religious Discourse
PICTURES OF GOD," wrote Friedrich Meinecke, "often contain an element of definite historical thinking." Few theologians today would deny that an understanding of Christian doctrines requiresExpand
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