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Evaluation of backscattering coefficients for excised human tissues: Principles and techniques
Abstract A method has been developed for the absolute determination of the backscattering coefficient of ultrasound by soft mammalian tissues. An expression is derived for the backscatteringExpand
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Computer Analysis of Grey Scale Tomograms
Present day interpretation of clinican B-scans is entirely dependent upon the expertise of the clinician involved and the capabilities of the machine he is operating. Although much useful andExpand
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An Ultrasonic Determination of Cardiac Muscle Structures
Left ventricular disease is a major cause of mortality and morbidity in the Western world. Principal causes include ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and aortic valve disease, leading to angina,Expand
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Thermal storage of a phase change material in a horizontal cylinder
A two-dimensional mathematical model developed investigates the gravitational effecht mathematical on the shape and location of the solid-liquid interface for a system within a horizontal cylindricalExpand
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The Application of Diffraction Analysis to Liver and Thyroid Disease
Ultrasonic imaging is now widely accepted as a useful technique for non-invasive diagnosis of the pathological condition of various regions of human anatomy. Despite its undoubted success, however,Expand
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An Absolute Measurement of Backscattering Coefficients for Excised Human Tissues and Its Relevance to Abdominal Imaging
Although the major proportion of diagnostic ultrasound techniques are based upon the exploitation of scattering processes a rigorous quantitative evaluation of the scattering of ultrasound by humanExpand
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