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An objective long-term evaluation of Integra (a dermal skin substitute) and split thickness skin grafts, in acute burns and reconstructive surgery.
INTRODUCTION The field of wound healing and tissue repair has advanced rapidly in the last decade, with this there is an increasing emphasis on the importance of the functional and cosmetic outcomesExpand
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The 2009 Sydney shark attacks: case series and literature review
Background:  There were 59 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2008. Twelve of these occurred in Australia, ranking it as second only to the USA. In February 2009, two attacks occurred within 72 hExpand
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Infants under 1 year of age have a significant risk of burn injury.
A wealth of data exists concerning paediatric burn epidemiology in general, but very little exists specifically in infants under 1 year of age, a special group in which mobility begins to develop. AExpand
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Intensive care unit-acquired weakness in the burn population.
Intensive care unit-acquired weakness is an evolving problem in the burn population. As patients are surviving injuries that previously would have been fatal, the focus of treatment is shifting fromExpand
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Beware flammable fingernails. case report: synthetic fingernails result in full thickness burn and terminalisation.
Having long artificial (acrylic) nails is a current fashion trend, and they are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic enhancement. We believe that they can be a potential burn hazard to theirExpand
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Nonsurgical Volumetric Upper Periorbital Rejuvenation: A Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective
In the aging process, upper periorbits can be divided broadly into two groups. Group 1 is characterized primarily by soft tissue ptosis of the upper eyelid, which requires surgical excision. TheExpand
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Management of open tibial fractures - a regional experience.
INTRODUCTION The treatment of soft-tissue injuries associated with tibial diaphyseal fractures presents a clinical challenge that is best managed by a combined plastic and orthopaedic surgeryExpand
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A review of the use of a dermal skin substitute in burns care.
The National Burn Care Review estimates that a quarter of a million people present to burn treatment centres in the UK each year. A burn injury is first and foremost an injury to the skin. However,Expand
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A review of current objective and subjective scar assessment tools.
An ideal scar assessment tool should include both objective and subjective methods aspects of a scar. This review examines the evidence on existing tools, and emphasises the importance of taking theExpand
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Exenterative pelvic surgery--eleven year experience of the Swansea Pelvic Oncology Group.
AIMS To review indications for surgery and outcomes of patients with complex locally advanced pelvic malignancies treated by a multidisciplinary Pelvic Oncology Group. PATIENTS AND METHODS BetweenExpand
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