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Characterization of tRNA genes in tRNA region II of yeast mitochondrial DNA.
The fine structure mapping of recombinant clones containing the tryptophan, formyl methionine and proline tRNA genes as well as the DNA sequence of the pro line tRNA gene is reported here.
The impact of aneuploidy on cellular homeostasis
Several mechanisms that lead from aneuploidy to the production of reactive oxygen species are discussed, including the effects on protein complex stoichiometry, endoplasmic reticulum stress and metabolic disruption, and how oxidative stress can compromise centrosome number, cytoskeletal integrity and signalling processes that are vital for mitotic fidelity.
Co-Operation between Aneuploidy and Metabolic Changes in Driving Tumorigenesis
This review discusses the connections between chromosomes and metabolism: how chromosomal aberrations lead to metabolic disruption, and vice versa, and their role in mediating oncogenic changes.
Natural products in medicinal chemistry.
Will new statin guidelines lead to overtreatment?
There is little doubt that recommended indications for statin prescribing have been stretched by new guidelines, but there is no evidence that this has led to unnecessary use of statins.
Old and modern antibiotic structures with potential for today’s infections
  • D. Newman
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • 4 March 2022
This short review demonstrates how modern synthetic chemistry, when applied to either modification of current resistant antibiotics such as glycopeptides, or production of novel peptidic agents based on natural product sourced antimicrobial peptides and other potential initial peptide-based agents from genomic searches and baiting techniques, have produced active agents of significant utility.