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Classification of back muscle impairment based on the surface electromyographic signal.
A series of studies are described that have been useful in developing an automated procedure for identifying back muscle impairment by comparing individual test results to a normative database and it is found that the functions can distinguish individuals with and without LBP with an accuracy of approximately 90%.
Human monocyte carboxylesterase. Purification and kinetics.
The role of the human synovial fibroblast in monosodium urate crystal-induced synovitis.
Human synovial fibroblasts have been cultured to identify and quantitate arachidonate metabolites released after exposure to monosodium urate crystals, which may contribute to the pathogenesis of crystal-provoked synovitides.
Human alveolar macrophages: a lesion in arachidonic acid metabolism in cigarette smokers.
Human pulmonary macrophages recovered from young cigarette smokers and from age- and sex-matched subjects who had never smoked were used to investigate arachidonic acid metabolism to find a cigarette-smoke-induced lesion in phospholipid hydrolysis or the mechanism regulating phospholIPid Hydrolysis seem most consistent with these findings.
Human synoviocytes: activation and desensitization by prostaglandins and 1-epinephrine.
The human synoviocyte increases its intracellular adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) concentration significantly after incubation with prostaglandin E1, prostaglandin E2, or l-epinephrine.
Glucocorticoid inhibition of zymosan-induced arachidonic acid release by rat alveolar macrophages.
The time course suggests a response dependent on newprotein synthesis, and the increased concentration of the phospholipase-inhibitory protein, lipomodulin, in steroid-treated cultures is putative evidence of new protein synthesis.
Indomethacin potentiates PGE1 stimulated cyclic AMP accumulation in human synoviocytes
The capacity of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, aspirin and indo-methacin (IM), to inhibit the synthesis of certain prostaglandins emphasises the potential importance of this hormone system in the pathogenesis and treatment of inflammatory arthritis.