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Complications of TRAM flap breast reconstruction in obese patients.
The findings in this study suggest that the complication rate of TRAM flap breast reconstruction does increase in proportion to the degree of obesity, and surgeons can avoid many of the complications fromTRAM flap surgery by not operating on very obese patients.
Cutaneous malignancies: melanoma and nonmelanoma types.
This article reviews melanoma and nonmelanoma cutaneous malignancies.
Transverse Carpal Ligament: Its Effect on Flexor Tendon Excursion, Morphologic Changes of the Carpal Canal, and on Pinch and Grip Strengths after Open Carpal Tunnel Release
The authors were able to determine that transverse carpal ligament reconstruction, particularly the transposition flap repair technique, after open carpal tunnel release confers a mechanical advantage and that the transverse vehicle ligament is an important pulley for flexor tendon excursion.
Clinical relevance of positive breast periprosthetic cultures without overt infection.
The true incidence of positive breast periprosthetic cultures in the absence of overt infection is not clearly established, and the only statistically significant correlation was between positive culture result and symptomatic capsular contracture (Baker class IV).
Evaluation of results and treatment variables for pressure ulcers in 48 veteran spinal cord-injured patients.
This retrospective study of spinal cord-injured patients with pressure ulcers seen at a tertiary referral Veterans Hospital spinal cord injury unit between 1992 and 1997 correlates a number of variables with ulcer repair outcome measures, including postoperative systemic and wound-healing complications, recurrence rates, and the development of new ulcers at different sites.
Sternal Wound Debridement and Muscle Flap Reconstruction: Functional Implications
Physical morbidity and loss of strength seemed to be related directly to loss of sternal stability stemming from marked infection and debridement rather than from loss of the muscles used in reconstruction.
Toe phalangeal grafts in congenital hand anomalies.