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A hydroperoxo-rebound mechanism of alkane oxidation with hydrogen peroxide catalyzed by binuclear manganese(IV) complex in the presence of an acid with involvement of atmospheric dioxygen
Abstract The binuclear manganese(IV) complex [Mn 2 L 2 O 3 ][PF 6 ] 2 (L = 1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane) (compound 1 ) catalyzes very efficiently the oxygenation of alkanes with H 2 O 2Expand
An unprecedented heterotrimetallic Fe/Cu/Co core for mild and highly efficient catalytic oxidation of cycloalkanes by hydrogen peroxide.
An unprecedented hexanuclear heterotrimetallic Fe/Cu/Co complex bearing two Cu(mu-O)2Co(mu-O)2Fe cores is easily prepared by self-assembly and acts as a remarkable catalyst for the peroxidativeExpand
Heterometallic Co(III)4Fe(III)2 Schiff base complex: structure, electron paramagnetic resonance, and alkane oxidation catalytic activity.
Kinetic and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry data allowed us to assume that the trinuclear heterometallic particle, originated from 1 in solution, could be responsible for efficient generation of hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide. Expand
Bringing an "old" biological buffer to coordination chemistry: new 1D and 3D coordination polymers with [Cu(4)(Hbes)(4)] cores for mild hydrocarboxylation of alkanes.
New water-soluble 1D and 3D Cu(II)/Na coordination polymers 1-3 bearing unprecedented [Cu(4)(Hbes)(4)] cores have been easily generated by aqueous-medium self-assembly and fully characterized, thusExpand
A heterometallic (Fe6Na8) cage-like silsesquioxane: synthesis, structure, spin glass behavior and high catalytic activity
The exotic “Asian Lantern” heterometallic cage silsesquioxane [(PhSiO1.5)20(FeO1.5)6(NaO0.5)8(n-BuOH)9.6(C7H8)] (I) was obtained and characterized by X-ray diffraction, EXAFS, topological analysesExpand
Homo- and heterometallic polynuclear transition metal catalysts for alkane CH bonds oxidative functionalization: Recent advances
Abstract Polynuclear homo- and heterometallic complexes of transition metals constitute a broad class of coordination compounds with recognized applications in catalysis, and polymetallic activeExpand
Heterometallic Cu/Co and Cu/Co/Zn complexes bearing rare asymmetric tetranuclear cores: synthesis, structures, and magnetic and catalytic properties toward the peroxidative oxidation of cycloalkanes.
Compounds 1-3 act as precursors for the mild peroxidative oxidation of cyclo hexane to cyclohexanol and Cyclohexanone with overall yields up to 23% and the thermogravimetric behavior and electrospray ionization mass spectrometry data are discussed. Expand
Assembling novel heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/Ni and Cu/Co/Cd cores supported by diethanolamine ligand in one-pot reactions of zerovalent copper with metal salts.
Cryomagnetic measurements of the compounds show that, in all cases, the magnetic behavior is paramagnetic; the polycrystalline EPR spectra contain signals due to monomeric copper species only. Expand
Direct synthesis and crystal structure of a new pentanuclear heterotrimetallic Cu/Co/Ni complex with 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol. Discussion of possible “butterfly-like” molecular structure types
The pentanuclear heterotrimetallic complex [Cu2CoNi2(Me2Ea)6Cl4] (1) has been prepared in a one-pot reaction of zerovalent copper with cobalt and nickel chlorides in an acetonitrile solution ofExpand