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Bond-orientational order in liquids and glasses
Bond-orientational order in molecular-dynamics simulations of supercooled liquids and in models of metallic glasses is studied. Quadratic and third-order invariants formed from bond sphericalExpand
Genetic drift at expanding frontiers promotes gene segregation
A comparison of bacterial and yeast colonies suggests that this large-scale genetic sectoring is a generic phenomenon that may provide a detectable footprint of past range expansions. Expand
Large-distance and long-time properties of a randomly stirred fluid
Dynamic renormalization-group methods are used to study the large-distance, long-time behavior of velocity correlations generated by the Navier-Stokes equations for a randomly stirred, incompressibleExpand
Statistical mechanics of membranes and surfaces
The Statistical Mechanics of Membranes and Interfaces (D Nelson) Interfaces: Fluctuations, Interactions and Related Transitions (M E Fisher) Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Fluctuating Films andExpand
Dislocation-mediated melting in two dimensions
A theory of dislocation-mediated melting in two dimensions is described in detail, with an emphasis on results for triangular lattices on both smooth and periodic substrates. The transition fromExpand
Virus shapes and buckling transitions in spherical shells.
We show that the icosahedral packings of protein capsomeres proposed by Caspar and Klug for spherical viruses become unstable to faceting for sufficiently large virus size, in analogy with theExpand
A simple model of asexual biological evolution at expanding frontiers finds that beneficial mutations give rise to sectors with an opening angle that depends sensitively on the selective advantage of the mutants, and sets tight constraints on sustainable mutation rates for populations that undergo frequent range expansions. Expand
Gene surfing in expanding populations.
The neutral dynamics of gene frequencies in an asexual population undergoing a continual range expansion in one dimension is studied by means of simulations and analytical methods to develop a versatile analytical approach, based on the physics of reaction-diffusion systems, that yields simple predictions for any deterministic population dynamics. Expand
Theory of Two-Dimensional Melting
The consequences of a theory of dislocation-mediated two-dimensional melting are worked out for triangular lattices. Dissociation of dislocation pairs first drives a transition into a "liquidExpand
Defects and geometry in condensed matter physics
1. Fluctuations, renormalization and universality 2. Defect mediated phase transitions 3. Order, frustration 4. The structure and statistical mechanics of glass 5. The statistical mechanics ofExpand