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Selling Science: How the Press Covers Science and Technology
Explains why accurate science reporting is important, describes public relations ploys, and looks at biases, constraints and myth making in science journalism.
The DNA Mystique: The Gene As a Cultural Icon
In highlighting DNA as it appears in soap operas, comic books, advertising, and other expressions of mass culture, the authors propose that these domains provide critical insights into science itself.
The Animal Rights Crusade: The Growth of a Moral Protest
This history and analysis of the animal rights movement chronicles its development from associations of kindly pet-lovers to groups of ruthless activists.
Controversy: Politics of Technical Decisions
This book of controversies over science and technology describes and analyses the struggles between different perspectives: between those who see technological development as a rational and objective
The Political Impact of Technical Expertise
Technologies of speed and power airports, power generating facilities, highways, dams are often a focus of bitter opposition. As these technologies become increasingly controversial, scientists,
AIDS and the news media.
  • D. Nelkin
  • Political Science, Medicine
    The Milbank quarterly
  • 2 June 1991
News reports on AIDS have appeared at a time of general public concern about health risks, and, like the coverage of risk, the reporting on AIDS has been controversial. Perceptions of this disease
Nuclear Power as a Feminist Issue
Women consistently show more opposition to nuclear power than men in public opinion polls, and they participate more in antinuclear organizations. Their concerns range from the health effects of