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BACKGROUND Some oxysterols are identified in atheromatous plaques and in plasma of atherosclerotic patients. We asked whether they might modulate cytokine secretion on human monocytic cells. In(More)
Previous investigations of our laboratory have shown that 7-ketocholesterol was a potent inducer of apoptosis involving a release of cytochrome c into the cytosol, and a lipid peroxidation process(More)
Cholesterol oxides, in particular 7-ketocholesterol, are proatherogenic compounds that induce cell death in the vascular wall when localized in lipid raft domains of the cell membrane. Deleterious(More)
Among oxysterols oxidized at C7 (7alpha-, 7beta-hydroxycholesterol, and 7-ketocholesterol) 7beta-hydroxycholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol are potent inducers of cell death and probably play central(More)