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A documentary history of biochemistry, 1770-1940
This volume covers the period from the beginning of biochemistry in the work of Priestley and Lavoisier to its final flourish before the new science of molecular biology split from it in the 1940s.
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The Biochemistry of Muscle
  • D. Needham
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Bulletin de la Societe de chimie biologique
  • 1 July 1932
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the biochemistry of muscles. The energy used by muscle in the performance of work and maintenance of tension is ultimately derived from chemical reactionsExpand
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On the physiology of amoeboid movement
the cells change their reaction and take on pathological appearances which are described in the paper. These limiting values are not precisely given, but must lie somewhere near 8"2 and 3"2 for theseExpand
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Phosphagen and Protozoa
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On Phosphorus Metabolism in Embryonic Life: III. Phosphagen in Avian Development
1. Estimations have been made of the content of creatine phosphate and inorganic phosphorus in the chick embryo from the 70th to the 360th hour of incubation. 2. The inorganic phosphorus in per cent.Expand
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Chemical Aspects of Muscular Contraction
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On Phosphorus Metabolism in Embryonic Life: I. Invertebrate Eggs
1. An investigation was made of the phosphorus metabolism of several marine invertebrate eggs (two echinoderms, one gephyrean annelid, and two crustacea) The distribution of phosphorus-containingExpand
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