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SHOP2: An HTN Planning System
The features of SHOP2 which enabled it to excel in the competition are described, especially those aspects of SHop2 that deal with temporal and metric planning domains. Expand
Automated planning - theory and practice
This chapter discusses Classical Planning and its Applications, as well as Neoclassical and Neo-Classical Techniques, and discusses search procedures and Computational Complexity. Expand
SHOP: Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner
In the authors' tests, SHOP was several orders of magnitude faster man Blackbox and several times faster than TLpian, even though SHOP is coded in Lisp and the other planners are coded in C. Expand
Automated Planning: Theory & Practice
HTN Planning: Complexity and Expressivity
How the complexity of HTN planning varies with various conditions on the task networks is described. Expand
HTN planning for Web Service composition using SHOP2
A sound and complete algorithm is provided to translate OWL-S service descriptions to a SHOP2 domain and it is proved the correctness of the algorithm by showing the correspondence to the situation calculus semantics of OWl-S. Expand
Automated Planning and Acting
This book presents a comprehensive paradigm of planning and acting using the most recent and advanced automated-planning techniques, and explains the computational deliberation capabilities that allow an actor to reason about its actions, choose them, organize them purposefully, and act deliberately to achieve an objective. Expand
Complexity results for HTN planning
How the complexity of HTN planning varies with various conditions on the task networks, and how it compares to STRIPS-style planning is described. Expand
Automating DAML-S Web Services Composition Using SHOP2
This work has proven the correspondence between the semantics of SHOP2 and the situation calculus semantics of the Process Model, and implemented a system which soundly and completely plans over sets of DAML-S descriptions using a SHop2 planner, and then executes the resulting plans over the Web. Expand
UMCP: A Sound and Complete Procedure for Hierarchical Task-network Planning
This paper presents a formal syntax and semantics for HTn planning and is able to define an algorithm for HTN planning and prove it sound and complete. Expand