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Primary description of surface water phytoplankton pigment patterns in the Bay of Bengal
Spatial and temporal variations in surface water phytoplankton pigment distribution in the Bay of Bengal were studied during the spring intermonsoon (SpIM, February–April) and the commencement of theExpand
Spatial distribution of dinoflagellates from the tropical coastal waters of the South Andaman, India: Implications for coastal pollution monitoring.
The dominance of autotrophs and Gonyaulacoid cysts at the North Bay highlight low nutrient conditions with less anthropogenic pressure and increasing coastal pollution could support their candidature towards the future HABs initiation and development. Expand
Dinoflagellate cyst distribution in recent sediments along the south-east coast of India
Comparison of the cyst abundance along the Indian coast revealed a smaller number of potentially harmful and red-tide-forming dinoflagellate species on the south-east coast than on the west coast, but it is on a par with tropical regions, including the east coast of India. Expand
Occurrence of cyanobacteria - diatom symbiosis in the Bay of Bengal: Implications in biogeochemistry
CURRENT SCIENCE, VOL. 99, NO. 6, 25 SEPTEMBER 2010 736 13. Macior, L. W., Am. J. Bot., 1968, 55, 927–932. 14. Macior, L. W., Am. J. Bot., 1969, 56, 853–859. 15. Macior, L. W., Am. J. Bot., 1970, 57,Expand
Evolution of productivity and monsoonal dynamics in the eastern Arabian Sea during the past 68ka using dinoflagellate cyst records
For the first time here we report the dinoflagellate cyst assemblage response to the monsoon variability over the last 68 ka from the Eastern Arabian Sea (EAS). Based on the cyst assemblage, fiveExpand
Evaluation of ecosystem health and potential human health hazards in the Hangzhou Bay and Qiantang Estuary region through multiple assessment approaches.
The hazard analysis (Targeted hazard quotient, THQ) values for the seafood consumption to human health indicates the potentially threatening consequences of shellfish and crustacean consumption on human health. Expand
Potential ballast water transfer of organisms from the west to the east coast of India: Insights through on board sampling
The possibility of translocation of organisms via ship's ballast water (BW) during a voyage from Hazira on the west coast to Visakhapatnam on the east coast of India was assessed. Samples of BWExpand
Sexual reproduction in Odontella regia (Schultze) Simonsen 1974 (Bacillariophyta)
This chapter discusses the postseismic deformation of the Andaman Islands following the 26 December, 2006 great Sumatra–Andaman earthquake, and the effects of the March 1964 earthquake and associated seismic sea waves on Kodiac and nearby islands, Alaska. Expand
A first look at the dinoflagellate cysts abundance in the Bay of Bengal: implications on Late Quaternary productivity and climate change
Abundance and composition of dinoflagellate cysts in a sediment core (SK218/1) from the Bay of Bengal were examined for the last 23 kyr. Cyst abundance at this site varied from 20 to 153 cysts/g dryExpand