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Int. J. Mod. Phys.
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Supersymmetric relics from the big bang
Abstract We consider the cosmological constraints on supersymmetric theories with a new, stable particle. Circumstantial evidence points to a neutral gauge/Higgs fermion as the best candidate forExpand
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Tests of quantum gravity from observations of γ-ray bursts
The recent confirmation that at least some γ-ray bursts originate at cosmological distances suggests that the radiation from them could be used to probe some of the fundamental laws of physics. HereExpand
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Learning and memory deficits upon TAU accumulation in Drosophila mushroom body neurons.
Mutations in the neuronal-specific microtubule-binding protein TAU are associated with several dementias and neurodegenerative diseases. However, the effects of elevated TAU accumulation onExpand
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Quantum-gravity analysis of gamma-ray bursts using wavelets
In some models of quantum gravity, space-time is thought to have a foamy structure with non-trivial optical prop- erties. We probe the possibility that photons propagating in vacuum may exhibit aExpand
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Tubulin dipole moment, dielectric constant and quantum behavior: computer simulations, experimental results and suggestions.
We used computer simulation to calculate the electric dipole moments of the alpha- and beta-tubulin monomers and dimer and found those to be |p(alpha)| = 552D, |p(beta)| = 1193D and |p(alphabeta)| =Expand
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We compile phenomenological constraints on the minimal low-energy effective theory which can be obtained from the superstring by Calabi-Yau compactification. Mixing with the single additional neutralExpand
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Naturally Vanishing Cosmological Constant in N=1 Supergravity
Abstract For N =1 supergravity theories we show that the choice of a particular class of Einstein spaces for the Kahler manifold of the hidden sector leads to a vanishing cosmological constantExpand
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Robust Limits on Lorentz Violation from Gamma-Ray Bursts
Abstract We constrain the possibility of a non-trivial refractive index in free space corresponding to an energy-dependent velocity of light: c ( E ) ≃  c 0 (1 −  E / M ), where M is a mass scaleExpand
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Starobinsky-like inflationary models as avatars of no-scale supergravity
Models of cosmological inflation resembling the Starobinsky R+R2 model emerge naturally among the effective potentials derived from no-scale SU(N,1)/SU(N) × U(1) supergravity when N > 1. We displayExpand
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