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A clinical study to evaluate and compare the masticatory performance in complete denture wearers with and without soft liners.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Soft liners are mainly used with complete dentures in case of poor mucosal conditions and for the even distribution of masticatory forces. However, there is some doubt as toExpand
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A Clinical Study to Examine the Effect of Complete Denture on Head Posture/Craniovertical Angle.
INTRODUCTION Edentulous patients show some significant changes in ridge relationship caused by resorption of alveolar ridge. The changes are characterized by an upward rotation of mandible, increaseExpand
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A clinical study to compare between resting and stimulated whole salivary flow rate and pH before and after complete denture placement in different age groups
Purpose: This study compared the flow rate and pH of resting (unstimulated) and stimulated whole saliva before and after complete denture placement in different age groups. Materials and Methods:Expand
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The dimensional accuracy of polyvinyl siloxane impression materials using two different impression techniques: An in vitro study
Aim of the Study: To evaluate and compare the linear dimensional changes of the three representative polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impression materials and to compare the accuracy of single mix withExpand
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A spectrophotometric analysis of extraoral aging conditions on the color stability of maxillofacial silicone
Context: Surveys have reported color fading as the most frequent reasons patients given for disliking their prostheses. Aim: The aim of the study is to compare the color variation between twoExpand
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Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Congenitally Missing Digits
Complete or partial fingers are the most commonly encountered forms of partial hand losses. Though finger amputations are commonly due to traumatic injuries, digit loss may also be attributed toExpand
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Attachment: Source of Retention
Retention is the ability of the prosthesis to resist the movement of denture away from the supporting tissues/teeth. Concern for removable partial denture (RPD) is retention when compared with otherExpand
Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Conventional and the Contemporary
The concepts of traditional full mouth reconstruction have been used in the rehabilitation of a patient. A practical full mouth rehabilitation technique has been described combining the chairsideExpand
Association between Clinical and Subjective Analysis of Denture Adhesives on Retention of Maxillary Complete Dentures: A Comparative Study
Optimal outcome of complete denture treatment depends on the successful integration of the prosthesis with the patient’s oral functions and psychological acceptance of the dentures by the patient.Expand