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On micro-services architecture
The common principles behind this approach to micro-services architecture and implementation patterns are discussed, its advantages and disadvantages as well as its possible usage in M2M applications. Expand
On Big Data Stream Processing
The basic elements behind data streams processing, the existing technical solutions for their implementations as well some prospect system architectures are discussed. Expand
Time Series Databases
This paper covers the traditional relational databases, as well as NoSQL-based solutions for time series data, which are used in statistics, mathematical and finance. Expand
On M2M Software Platforms
This article discusses system software models from the developer's point of view, rather than network related aspects, to find the common and reusable aspects across existing models as well as discuss their possible coexistence. Expand
On Mobile Cloud for Smart City Applications
This work discusses criteria for selecting mobile cloud services in Smart City projects and explains the importance of access to all available data in these services. Expand
Context-Aware Browsing -- A Practical Approach
  • D. Namiot
  • Computer Science
  • Sixth International Conference on Next Generation…
  • 12 September 2012
This paper describes one practical approach for creating context-aware browser for mobile subscribers that uses mobile phone as proximity sensor and can discover hyper local data as info snippets that are valid (relevant) for mobile subscriber being at this moment nearby the detected wireless nodes. Expand
About M2M standards and their possible extensions
This paper describes the current state of open APIs for M2M applications as well as proposes a couple of possible changes and extensions for ETSI documents that let keep telecom development in sync with the modern approaches in the web development. Expand
On Indoor Positioning
This paper is the first attempt to classify indoor positioning techniques, and tries to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of various indoor positioning technologies and systems, compare their accuracy, applicability, working principles and performance parameters. Expand
On context-aware proxy in Mobile Cloud computing for emergency services
The intention is to present a new model for mobile services (mobile web applications) that effectively harnesses the power of 5G networks and propose a cloud-based context-aware proxy targeting proximity related applications and services. Expand
On IoT Programming
Some challenges associated with Internet of Things (IoT) programming are discussed and such issues for IoT systems as latency, power limitation, reliability, network topology related effects as well as data processing in IoT applications are discussed. Expand