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The People of Plato: A Prosopography of Plato and Other Socratics
The People of Plato is the first study since 1823 devoted exclusively to the identification of, and relationships among, the individuals represented in the complete Platonic corpus. It providesExpand
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Agora, Academy, and the Conduct of Philosophy
Preface N.D. Smith. List of Tables. List of Abbreviations. Part I: A Metaphilosophical Task. 1: Introduction. 2: The Socratic Problem. 3: The Platonic Question. Part II: The Developmental Hypothesis.Expand
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Conatus vs. Eros/Thanatos: On the Principles of Spinoza and Freud
Si la relation de l'Eros freudien au conatus spinoziste a ete developpee, celle qui relie le conatus au thanatos ne l'a pas ete. Spinoza ne parle donc que d'un principe au lieu de deux pour Freud, ceExpand
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The Trial and Death of Socrates
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Spinoza And The Sciences
I. Spinoza and Seventeenth Century Science.- Spinoza in the Century of Science.- Spinoza and Cartesian Mechanics (translated by Debra Nails and Pascal Gallez).- Spinoza and the Rise of Modern ScienceExpand
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Second Sailing: Alternative Perspectives on Plato
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Plato's Symposium: issues in interpretation and reception
In his "Symposium", Plato crafted a set of speeches in praise of love that has influenced writers and artists from antiquity to the present. Early Christian writers read the dialogue's 'ascentExpand
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Is the Idea of the Good Beyond Being? Plato's "epekeina tês ousias" revisited (Republic, 6, 509b8-10)
The article tries to prove that the famous formula "epekeina tes ousias" (R.509b8) has to be understood in the sense of being beyond being and not only in the sense of being beyond essence. We herebyExpand
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The Continuum companion to Plato
Introduction Part I: Plato's Life and his Historical and Philosophical Context The Academy Anti-Platonism Drama Education Eleatics Epic Life Mime Orality and Literacy Pre-Socratics PhythagoreansExpand
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