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This One Does Not Go Up to 11: The Quantified Self Movement as an Alternative Big Data Practice
The Quantified Self movement attracts the most hungrily panoptical of the data aggregation businesses in addition to people who have developed their own notions of analytics that are separate from, and in relation to, dominant practices of firms. Expand
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‘Patches don’t have gender’: What is not open in open source software
  • D. Nafus
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • New Media Soc.
  • 1 June 2012
While open source software development promises a fairer, more democratic model of software production often compared to a gift economy, it also is far more male dominated than other forms ofsoftware production. Expand
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People keep track. In the eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin kept charts of time spent and virtues lived up to. Today, people use technology to self-track: hours slept, steps taken, caloriesExpand
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Quantified: Biosensing Technologies in Everyday Life
Today anyone can purchase technology that can track, quantify, and measure the body and its environment. Wearable or portable sensors detect heart rates, glucose levels, steps taken, water quality,Expand
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Numbers Have Qualities Too: Experiences with Ethno‐Mining
Field research holds a special place for those who conduct it. It is also our anchor for relevance in the corporation. This paper explores the authors' experiences with “ethno-mining”, a way ofExpand
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Cultural Mobilities: Diversity and Agency in Urban Computing
The rise of wireless networks and portable computing devices has been accompanied by an increasing interest in technology and mobility in the urban environment as a site of interaction. Expand
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Stuck data, dead data, and disloyal data: the stops and starts in making numbers into social practices
Indicators with long social histories, such as the Consumer Price Index, often serve as nodes of calculative infrastructures. They create a field of social action, making some relations betweenExpand
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Plastic: a metaphor for integrated technologies
We argue for a different perspective based on a metaphor of 'plastic'. Expand
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Consumption, Technology, and Development: The “Poor” as “Consumer”
This article focuses on the case of M-PESA mobile payments service in Kenya. It critically analyzes the assumptions and cultural contradictions that underpin notions of the low-income consumer andExpand
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