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Circularly symmetric Green tensors for the harmonic vector wave equation in spheroidal coordinate systems
Green tensor expansions for the vector harmonic wave equation, in spheroidal coordinate systems, are derived. The tensor expansions are suitable for application to problems in which the fields areExpand
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Nonlinear behaviour of a finite amplitude electron plasma wave, III. The sideband instability
Computations of the evolution of the electron distribution function in a plasma subsequent to the excitation of a constant finite amplitude electron plasma wave show that the system is stable forExpand
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The interaction of a finite electron beam with a magnetized plasma
An experimental and theoretical study has been made of the instabilities to which a finite electron beam in a finite cylindrical plasma is susceptible. In the linear regime it is shown thatExpand
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Local blockage calculations with the sabre code
This paper reports the application of Sabre to the problem of local blockage effects and detection in the commercial demonstration fast reactor gridded subassembly. Calculations have been performedExpand
The "Fast-Track" Procedure: Problems of Implementation
Electro-permeabilization of a prolate spheroidal model of biological cells
The extent of mathematical analysis for electro-permeabilization of biological cells has thus far been constrained to spherical models. In this paper, the spherical model is extended to a prolateExpand
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