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Effects of bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata) on voluntary feed intake and serum constituents of sheep.
Effects of daily dosing with bitterweed (Hymenoxys odorata) on voluntary feed consumption and concentrations of serum constituents were determined in 2 experiments, using 12 lambs each. Feed intakeExpand
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Dietary overlap of grasshoppers on sandhill rangeland in northeastern Colorado
SummaryOverlap in the diets of 14 species of grasshoppers on mixed-grass prairie in northeastern Colorado was estimated by microscopic examination of crop contents. Food availability estimates, takenExpand
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Dietary Similarity of Some Primary Consumers
The dry—weight composition of the diets of richardson ground squirrels (Citellus richardsonii), mormon crickets (Anabrus simplex), and six species of grasshoppers (Xanthippus corallipes, CircotettixExpand
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Mesquite twig girdler: a possible means of mesquite control.
example, the 4-practice combination increased gain bine all improvement practices that are profitable nearly 100 lb./steer over heavy grazing (Table 2). when used alone. Also, scientists andExpand
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Biological value of rangeland grasshoppers as a protein concentrate.
Grasshoppers collected on rangelands in the Rolling Plains of Texas were analyzed for crude protein, gross energy, phosphorus, calcium, ash, and amino acids. Dried grasshopper meal contained over 70%Expand
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Selective‐Placement Burial of Drilling Fluids: II. Effects on Buffalograss and Fourwing Saltbush
Surface disposal of spent drilling fluids used in petroleum and natural gas exploration causes surface soil contamination that severely inhibits secondary plant succession and artificial revegetationExpand
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Seasonal Dry Weight Composition in Grasshopper Diets on Colorado Herbland
Microscopic examination of crop contents was used to determine the diet dry-weight composition and food preferences of adults of Aeropedellus clavatus (Thomas), Xanthippus corallipes Haldeman, andExpand
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Effects of skirting on yield, fineness, and value of wool from fine-wool range ewes.
Eighty-one mixed-age (2 to 8 yr old) Rambouillet ewes (58.5 kg, SD 5.9 kg) were randomly assigned to three treatment groups that contained similar numbers to study the effects of wool skirting onExpand
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